Kundalani Surgee Winter Retreat 2015

Sikh Nari Manch

Kundalani Surgee Winter Retreat

4-6 December 2015


Our winter retreat this year was held between 4th and 6th December 2015. The theme being “Heading to reclaim our angelic nature”. There were 55-60 attendees from very diverse backgrounds It began late afternoon on Friday with an introduction to the weekend by Angad Kaur. It was followed by free time and dinner with session 2 led by Inderpal Kaur. This prepared us for the weekend ahead by exploring how to create a sacred space to allow healing to take place.

On Saturday most people attended the early start to the day which was Sadhana. This prepared us for the events which followed.

At 9.30 we attended the third session of the weekend which helped us identify the source of dis-ease through the 5 elements and 5 senses. This in turn enabled us to identify the medicine required to create balance in our being.

On the 4th session we learned how the meditative absorption between the Satnam Rasayan practitioner and the client can enable healing.

After a very enjoyable lunch we went on a walk over the hills, the blustery wind blowing away the cobwebs and invigorating us all.

When we returned there was a bazaar where various relevant materials could be bought, then we had another workshop before dinner which showed us how to replace harmful habits with spiritual quick fixes, re –establishing the flow of energy. Dinner was followed by an excellent “musical interlude” which was appropriately followed by our 6th session where everyone experienced the healing value of sound through the vibrational waves by the gong.

Sunday again was an early start, in the 2 workshops of the day. We explored the importance of evaluating our energy in order to understand where healing is needed to clear the blocks and enable the infinite source of prana to flow through us and the value of pure meditative absorption with the divine.

The weekend closed at 3.30 pm and it was agreed that it had been one of the best weekends that we had experienced. The workshops had taken us on a journey of spiritual healing, enhanced by wonderful music, excellent food and joyful friendships.