Kundalini Yoga Surjee Summar Retreat 2014

Kundalini Yoga Surjee Summar Retreat 2014

The 16th  Kundalini Summer Weekend Retreat took place on Friday 4th July through to Sunday 6th July and as always was well attended reaching maximum capacity members. We had a packed programme of activities commencing at 5.00pm Friday evening when we identified our goals and the theme for the weekend which was Forgiveness.

Saturday began at 4.00am with a wakeup call! And by breakfast time at 9.00am we had already began our spiritual journey and had listened to the Jap Ji Sahib (s accompanied with live music, and recited by of Qi Rattan, which was followed by Jaap Saab and Keertan. The second session of the morning explored the ego and how for some they become vengeful and go into self-destruct mode. There were optional activities at the beginning of the
afternoon which included products and services available in the bazaar a talk on the benefits of Aloe Vera products or an opportunity for quite meditation, and healing therapies. This was followed by a powerful workshop that explored how we might harness the power of forgiveness within relationships through the power of yoga and meditation.  After afternoon yogi tea break, there was an evening meditation before coming together for dinner and an opportunity to socialise.

Sunday began again at 4.00am which enabled a spiritual start to the day.  After breakfast we learned how to activate the seventh chakra through meditation and working the frontal lobe. This was followed by a workshop on moving away from the shadow of the ego and stepping into the light of being fully consciously aware.
After an enjoyable healthy lunch we all went on a guided walk through the Lickey Hills country park and the weekend closed at 3.00pm with prayer and thanks.
The whole weekend was a great success providing Spiritual renewal through the workshops and inspiring music by Qi Rattan and other devoted Sikhs who sang soothing,
devotional songs. Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting up with old friends, eating freshly cooked health food and feeling spiritually refreshed.

We look forward to our next retreat in winter, which will be on 5th, 6th and 7th December.

To book a place or for more information please email Satpal on Satpal@sikhnarimanch.com

Below are some of the pictures of our Kundalini yoga surjee retreat 2014

Darbar 2 Darbar Inderpal Keeley (1) Keertan Bibi Ji Keertan Qi-Rattan SKS Teachers Yoga 2 Food Dinning Area 2 Dinning Area Dinning Area 3 Food Taj Yoga 3 Yoga 4 Yoga Group Walk Group Hall Group