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Gentle Yoga Class

Below are some photos taken over the last few years of some of the activities at the Northside Welcome Centre. Activities such as, Arts & Crafts, Flower Arrangement, Well-being and Money Management Workshops, Yoga Retreat (at the Bilberry Hill Centre), Yoga Classes, AGM with board of trustees and local Stockland Green councillors, open day and more.


We are thankful to everyone involved with the Centre.

Councillor Josh at our AGM
Certificates for Centre users
Concillors at NWC 2
Board Members
Councillors at NWC 1
Workshop ..
workshop Gurbax
yoga class
Yoga Retreat - walk at the lickey hills.
yoga room
Betty Pic 1
Angads Workshop
angads Workshop 2
Art Workshop
Computer Classes
art workshop 4
computer room
conference room
computer room 2
Feel good look good workshop
Flower arrangment workshop 2
IMG_666Art Workshop 2
Money Workshop
Flower Arrangment Workshop1
open day 2
open day 3
retreat ,
retreat ..
retreat ....
open day 1
open day 4
open dy 5
Well Being Workshop
open day 6
Wellness Workshop
xmas dinner
NWC Picture for homepage
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